Polishing powder for marbles. It is used after the last polishing grit and replaces polishing with the 5 EXTRA

segments. It helps to achieve faster polishing and can be applied with lighter machines like those used for marble crystallization. Delivers excellent polishing and enhances the coloring of marbles, It can also be used for repolishing damaged floors.




65 – 70 m2/Kg

Form: Powder
Color: Yellow
Odor: N/A
Density at 20°C: 1 gr/cm3
pH (στους 25°C): 2
Flash point: N/A
Freezing point: 0 °C
Stored in temperatures from 3°C to 30°C.



Always read the product label. Wet the surface you want to polish. Work in small areas from 1 to 2 m 2. Pour a small amount of powder and cover it with the polishing machine with a fibrous disc attached. The white fibrous discs are the more suitable.
Polish the surface by slow movements from left to right and vice versa. If necessary, pour some water until a yellow mud is created. Add water as many times as needed to maintain this creamy consistency, never allow the material to dry out. If you haven’t achieve the desired polish, you can repeat the process.
Once you have achieved the desired polish dilute with water, clean and proceed to the next area. You can remove the water from polished areas with a vacuum. When you have finished the polishing, mop the surface with a neutral detergent such as AP-302.